TGIF India

U.S Franchise

  • 154 Locations
  • Operating in 25 States
  • Current TTM AUV of $2.7M
  • Double-digit SSS Growth in
    back-half of 2021


  • Operating in 51 Countries
  • With a Large, Well- Capitalized Franchisee Base
  • Opportunity to more than double our footprint

Company Owned

  • 157 Locations
  • Operating in 14 States

T.G.I. Friday’s is a brand rich in history, heritage and innovation

It all began with a fun-loving New Yorker named Alan Stillman. He use to sell perfume, then he purchased a bar on 1st Avenue and 63rd Street and named it T.G.I. Friday’s. That was over 45 years ago. He didn’t know that he was creating what is now known as the “Casual Dining” segment in the restaurant industry, he just wanted to create the ultimate singles bar. T.G.I. Friday’s became an overnight sensation - a destination synonymous with FUN for singles, couples, co-workers and friends.

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